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Skepta is a British rapper, grime artist, and songwriter from Tottenham, London. He is known for his unique style of gritty verses, streetwise lyrics and innovative beats, emerging as one of the most influential and commercially successful figures in the UK grime scene. Among his most notable hits are "Shutdown," "That's Not Me," and "Konnichiwa," which won the Mercury Prize for Best Album in 2016. Skepta's music often explores themes of social and political issues, urban life, and personal struggles, drawing from his own experiences as a working-class Black man in London. He has collaborated with numerous artists from various genres and has been featured on hit songs with A$AP Rocky, Drake, and Pharrell Williams. In addition to his music career, Skepta is also recognized as a fashion designer and an entrepreneur, and has launched his own record label, Boy Better Know, which counts among its members some of the biggest names in grime.

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